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 Assassin Builds

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PostSubject: Assassin Builds   Mon Sep 19, 2011 3:04 pm

Venom Build||

Edge Build|05304443003233033322123200321|

Dark/Shadow Build||5533004403422301001412003023321

Hybrid Builds


This build will utilize its main damage from physical attacks with assassinate, throat seal and gouge. NT will be the finisher of choice with this build with the accelerated DoT damage from the venom tree and the 1 second cool down time of Thrust of Pain, blast and agony orbs should be relatively easy to get. The increased crit rate bonus from stealth helps the player get off the stun effect from bullseye as well when they utilize gouge out of stealth mode.

The problem with this build is that it's lacking any sort of major crowd control methods to gather orbs. You will have to try to kill your opponent as quickly as you can since you do not have the 7 second silence from DN and you will be using all your blast and agony orbs up on NT when you initiate the finisher.|05304430002300303|


This build provides an amazing ability to keep a continious DoT on any opponent. With the minimal cooldown of ToP being 1 second from the venom tree and the possibility of it activating rapid shadow in the dark tree, you will find that you will almost always be using just this skill to generate your agony orbs and then use NT for the maximun DoT damage. With rapid shadow, the additional bonus is that it resets the cooldown timer on all your finisher skills, primarly Nightmare Termination... so that means that you can immediately use it again instead of waiting 8 seconds for it. When you find yourself getting in trouble you can simply pop swift evasion to give yourself some breathing room and if need be simply activate shadow protection as well. With this build you now have a 120s cd shadow protection instead of the standard long 180s cd so dont be afraid to use it.

The problem with this build is that you dont get any of the higher level skills in either tree such as the crit rate bonus or the eva/acc bonus boost from the dark tree. And you miss out on the Seed of Agony as well as Secret Art-Blast in the venom tree. However you can compensate for those skills with the repeated spamming of NT and DoT and by utilizing the 1 second silence off of Pitch as well as the spamable assassinate talent when you find that you need just a second added to your skill rotation if ToP doesnt pop up rapid shadow.||15330014034203010013


This is byfar my favorite build. It lacks the dept of the trees in the later stages but after much experimentation I've found that this is the most effective way to control any situation in PvP regardless of any opponent that you face. This tree has all of the benifits of both the edge and dark trees from the pvp point of view and doesn't have any of the draw backs. Most of the time with edge youre lacking the evasion that you need to survive while in the dark tree you lack the high damage output. So with the combination of both trees you are able to compensate for both of those weaknesses. The added accuracy is extremely neccessary when facing marksmen, assassins, and vampires as weaking cloud, dark curse, and swift eva make it difficult to hit your target and the effects of vicious intention only last for 3 attacks or 15 seconds.

With this build you will still utilize the stealth/gouge method.. however now with this build you have secret-art blast which will generate 2 blast orbs for you. With that in hand you can gouge out of stealth for the crit and decide on the opponent or their play menthod to do Throat seal for another blast orb before you use Dark nightmare for the 7 second silence. If you decide to just do DN after Gouge then you still have a 6 second silence. If things get too troublesome then you can go ahead and pop your swift evasion with getting up your blast orbs again for another 7 second silence. The build is great because it utilizes the physical mastery of your edge tree. the only problem that it has is the lack of damage from the Dark Nightmare. However if you did have dark mastery put into your character then you'll notice that you do a considerable larger amount of damage off of your silence.|05304443003230032302113|55000014


This build is trying to combine all three trees into something that can be useful in PvP and in PvE. With this tree you have the DoT damage and spamable ToP from venom, the Stun and gouge from edge and the swift evasion with a chance of rapid shadow from the dark tree. However this tree wont be bad against anything but it definetly will not be great against anything either. This tree is only recommended for someone that likes to pve a majority of the time but would still like to beat their friends in a duel now and then.|053044400002300333|2333001
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Assassin Builds
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