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 Vathaelia's Basic Vampire Guide

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PostSubject: Vathaelia's Basic Vampire Guide   Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:49 pm

This is a guide for picking which tree of the Vampire is most suited to you. Please correct/add advice to help the people starting.

Vampire: No other race but Kindred may be a vampire. Vampires are damage dealers, damage over time, and support when needed. Regardless of what tree, always help heal when a player is losing health faster than the Priest can heal, or if the Priest him/herself is being attacked.

Vampires have the ability to deal massive amounts of damage and heal themselves and others. They wear Light Armor and have Crosses for weapons (although they don't seem to use them during attacks.) They are spell based and have mid-range attacks (12 meters), whereas most spell casters have 18 meters.

Kindred exclusive spells.

~~~The Trees~~~

The three main trees for the Vampire are Blood, Dark, and Inferno.

Notice: As the Talent Calculator is down, I will replace them with re-edited builds once it comes back up. Stars are ratings on how desirable they are in instances, solo PvP, and group PvP.

Blood: Mainly a support tree, although they do very well in player vs player. Used for healing and surviving, expected to be main healers, especially in higher level instances. Tree exclusive spells are Seed of Life, Blood Curse and Withered Space.

Instances : * * * * *
PvP (solo) : * * *
PvP (group) : * * *

PvE: In instances, you are expected to be the healer by most of the population. As a Blood, you will have healing abilities to rival that of a Light Bard, or even a Priest in some cases. You also have the most survivability of all the trees, allowing you to take down World Bosses in some cases. In instances, alternate Seed of Life, Dark Contract, and Invigorate to keep the tank up. If you need to heal someone else, Seed of Life the tank to keep him up, and use Dark Contract/Invigorate to keep DDs from biting the dust. WARNING: Healing someone before they hit (attack) an aggro monster (has cross-swords over their head) will attract the monster to hit you. Make sure that the tank or DD has hit the mob/boss BEFORE trying to heal them. On a side note, Bloods are also some of the best tanks if the que party isn't very tanky (consisting of Mages, Sins, MM, or people that simply don't know how to tank).
To do this, cast Seed of Life then run in (after the adds have been killed) and hit the boss to aggro him to you. If the boss is AoE and you can spare some time, cast Seed of Life on youself and cast Dark Contract/Invigorate to keep the squishies from dying. Use Kiss or Feast to get some health for youself if all of your healing spells are on cooldown. Note: You will need LOTS of mana pots to pull this off properly.

PvP: Blood Vamps are very capable of outhealing damage being dealt to them by an opponent. Seed of Life alone can keep a Blood alive during a stun lock (granted you aren't being zerged). Blood Curse cast during mass PvP helps prevent enemy Priests from healing as well. As I've never played a Blood in PvP, any other tactics, tips, tricks are welcome from veteran Bloods.
Luciferia, a well-known Blood Vampire, has made an in-depth guide for those interested in this tree.

Luciferia's Blood Vampire Guide :

Dark: Used for damage dealing (spike damage) and/or player versus player. Has 1 second stun Charmed Strike (Max: 100% 1 second stun on first hit, 50% chance the second). Tree exclusive spells are Seed of Darkness, Mana Explosion, and Imp Form.

Instances : * * *
PvP (solo) : * * * * *
PvP (group) : * * *

PvE: Darks are mainly DDs when in instances as they are best at spike damage (Charmed Strike). Only if there is no Priest/Blood Vamp/Light Bard will a Dark HAVE to be a healer. Many people complain that they chose Dark because they want to be PvP l33t, but if there is no healer, you are the only toon that has a healing spell so use it. If you're healer, Dark Contract the tank and Invigorate the DDs. During boss battles, debuff the boss as much as possible. Dark Curse (also adds 40% bonus to Charmed Strike, but heard it's bugged right now), Dark Ripple to zerk mode, stack Blood Curse (Sigil), Dark Ripple (Dark Curse), Evil Flame (Flame Curse), then Charmed Strike to stack more Magic Flame and spike damage. Rotate Charmed Strike with Ripple (low cooldown) and Sigil in between CS cooldown. Throw an Invig on DDs or Dark Contract to Priests. Use Seed of Darkness to slow a single target and keep them from hitting the healer, or Feast to freeze mobs until party members hit them to pull aggro.

PvP: Darks shine in the area of PvP, as their Charmed Strike has a stun, Seed of Darkness has a silence (Max : 3 seconds), and an almost-spammable AoE (Mana Explosion). Every fight has different circumstances and different kinds of opponents. There is a guide currently being constructed specifically for Darks that I will list here until it gets stickied.

hansdafrog's Dark Vampire Guide :

Personal Damage/Cooldown Build : [url]|55240410350004023223221201421|[/url]
Used to maximize damage by bonus damage and quick cooldowns.

Inferno: Damage dealers (damage over time) and player versus player later game. Stacks damages and has a stun later in game (2 seconds). Tree exclusive spells are Seed of Flame, Inferno Bat, and Infernal Slaughter.

Instances : * * * *
PvP (solo) : * *
PvP (group): * * * * *

PvE: Infernos are one of the best in terms of damage over time. The healing rule still applies however, if there are no healing toons, you are healer. Infernos don't spend as much time in mode as Bloods (for healing purposes) or Darks (for Charmed Strike) but only to stack curses and debuffs and keep them up. Wait til tank has aggro, Dark Curse, Seed of Flame (for the burning effect) Evil Flame, Ripple, Sigil, Evil Flame, repeat. If you zerk mode, use Flame, Ripple, Sigil again to stack the debuffs then use Seed of Flame to deal instant damage and burn. Note that if you are with another Vampire that is debuffing, your Dark Curse can reset theirs and erase the Magic Flame stacks, so try and rotate the spell casts. Help the healer by Ingiv the DDs and DC for squishies. Feast to root the healers' add aggros.

PvP: Infernos are VERY hard to PvP with pre-Inferno Bat. Stacking damages just isn't fast enough to kill the opponent before they kill you unless you are a pro-kiter and have the luck of the gods. As I've stopped leveling this toon, I'm rusty on PvP tactics for Infernos, so any vets are welcome to help. Also, Charmed Strike has a long cooldown, so use random quick spells in between the cooldowns.

Melees: WRs love to rush and shank. Try to stay 5 meters of them, Dark Curse, Seed of Flame, and nuke. If you need to heal, Feast ~ Kiss ~ Gale (watch for the Feast ensnare to wear off as Gale doesn't seem to kick you out of it anymore, and stop right outside of their striking range)~ DC ~ Invig ~ SoF ~ nuke. Prots use chain stuns and have God mode, so you should always kite. Once the racial wears off, Gale ~ DC ~ Dark Curse ~ SoF ~ nuke. If they go God, Feast and stay away from them til it wears off.
Sins are tricky. They play peek-a-boo a lot, so anticipate them popping out and Feast ~ Kiss ~ Mode ~ Charmed Strike (they are relatively squishy). Don't try to debuff/curse them as they will kill you too quickly. MM (not sure if they are melees but I'll list them here) are quick buggers and they will kill you quickly if you're not paying attention. Mode ~ Charmed Strike (to tele to them)~ Feast ~ Charmed Strike as they will try to run the hell out of there. Treat them like ranged sins and kill them as quick as possible.

Casters: Mages love to kite but they will kill you quickly if you're not in their face. Mode ~ CS (to tele) ~ Feast ~ Kiss ~ CS til dead. If they use Ice Barrier, wait it out and try to collect orbs while you're waiting. Priests take FOREVER. They will "Kite ~ heal" you to death and you will end up just walking away from them. If you are really set to kill him/her Feast ~ Kiss ~ CS to take their life down before your silence wears off. Vampires are tricky to kill but not impossible. Kiss ~ Feast ~ Mode ~ CS ~ nuke if necessary. Bloods are much like priests, so try to kill them as fast as possible. Bards are a bit like priests except they will drain the mana from you like crazy and slow you to the point you can't move. Since they are mid-range like yourself, Mode ~ CS ~ Feast ~ CS til dead. Kiss them to keep them from buffing/healing themselves.

Spells not Tree exclusive

Notice: These pictures are of my own spells. As I am Inferno, they will be different from other trees or even other Infernos. The main differences is the cooldowns, % of going into Vampire Mode, and prolonged spell times. The green text on the spells are dependent on what tree you are.

Scroll Skills

Notice: If there are any high level Vampires that have theses skills, please post a picture so that I may post it here.

After level 60, the only way to upgrade skills and learn new skills is by "Unsealing" them. Here are a list of scroll exclusive skills.

Recommended Jobs

Botanist, Alchemist, and Chef. These jobs will help you with your Mana problems throughout the game. You gain your first 3 job points at level 10, and more job points for other jobs through your main quests.

Botanist: Allows you to use a Spade to obtain herbs growing throughout the land. These plants can be used for Alchemy and Chef to make potions or food.

Alchemist: Using empty potion bottles bought from the Alchemist, herbs, and Vigor, you can make potions to restore your Health or Mana during battle. To upgrade your Alchemist cap, talk to the Alchemy Dealers. Once you hit level 5 Alchemist, you must upgrade using your guild's base to progress to 6 and higher.

Chef: Using ingredients bought from the Chef, herbs/ingredients, and Vigor, you can make food and drinks to restore your Health or Mana outside of battle. Same for the Alchemist, you must talk to the Chef until level 5. Afterwards, you must use your base.


PvE: Bloodstones (Health), Ragefire(Attack), and Solarflares (Defence) can be useful on any build. Health is a must, especially if you accidentally take aggro/threat/hate and need to take a couple hits before the tank can take the monster off you. Attack is useful also if you aren't a main healer/off-healer and need to damage deal to make those long boss fights shorter. Solarflares help to increase the defence as the Light Armor we wear makes us a bit squishy. Azureclouds (Mana) are optional as many Vampires debate if these help with the mana restraints.

PvP: Bloodstones, Ragefire, Eagle-Eye(Accuracy), and Mistshrouds(Evasion) work wonders. Bloodstones help a Vampire take a few more hits. Ragefire, of course, helps you hit the opponent as hard as you can. Eagle-Eyes are helpful for assassins, Marksmen, and any other class that has high evasion. Mistshrouds can also help with evasion debuffs and help keep the opponent from hitting you (although these are more of a personal preference). Optional gems can be Goldspark(Critrate) or Solarflares. Goldsparks are very expensive (at least on my server) but if you can afford them, by all means get them. They really help with the spike damage if you're Dark. Solarflares are argued over if they help in PvP. Usually the opponent can stack attacks too quickly for your Def to do you much good, as fights are dependent over who can kill who the fastest. But if you think it will help, then go for it.

Useful Links

Herbs, ingredients, craft items :

List of all classes armors :
If images doesn't appear, right click the image, select Properties, copy the image url and paste it into your browser.

Current Chinese Talent Calc :

Partially Translated Talent Calc courtesy of Aesarin :
Original Posting :

ForsakenWorld Wiki :

Happy Gaming~

***all credit goes to Vathaelia***
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Vathaelia's Basic Vampire Guide
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