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 Kolgrimm's Lightning mage guide

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PostSubject: Kolgrimm's Lightning mage guide   Wed Sep 14, 2011 7:58 pm

The Lightning Mage for Beginners
by Kolgrimm-Lionheart(PvE)

o{===Table of Contents===}o
I. Introduction
II. General Tips, Tricks, and FAQs
III. Races
IV. Talents
V. Useful Equipment and Potions
VI. Credits and Thanks

More sections may be added in the future.

1.1 - About Me

Greetings fellow Mages and potential Mages! My in-game name is Kolgrimm from the Lionheart (PvE) server and I have been playing this class since Closed Beta phase 4. I do not claim perfect knowledge of this class or this talent tree. I fully accept that there are Mages on these forums and in the game who have much more experience than I do, and I invite them to contribute, whether by correcting mistakes or offering their own opinions on talent builds or equipment setups. I want to help make this guide be as comprehensive and useful as possible, and that means admitting that I need help writing about it. If you have any comments or suggestions regarding the guide, please feel free to PM me in-game or through the forum PM system.

This guide is primarily oriented towards new players, whether new to the game, new to Forsaken World, or new to MMOs entirely. Though I focus primarily on the Lightning talent tree and PvE content, there are some general Mage tips that may be useful for Fire and Ice Mages as well. This guide is not written for PvP players, of which there are very many in Forsaken World, but only because I am not very experienced with PvP in this game. I invite Mages who are very skilled and knowledgeable about Lightning Mage PvP to please consider contributing to help make the guide more useful. I will give full credit to contributors, both by noting them in the Credits section and by including their names in parts they have written. I've also compiled several FAQs and other information from the Mage Discussion forum, and tried to clean it up and present it in a clean, neatly-written format. Hopefully, this will help slow the number of threads being made to ask the same question.

On that note, kazekazegaara88 has a slightly older, but no less useful, guide (originally posted Nov. 18, 2010) which may be found here: It has better commentary on the use of each tree in PvP and some advice on gear, which tree to choose, and some talent builds, among other things. I highly recommend that you read his guide, especially since some of the comments also have some very valuable information.

1.2 - The Lightning Mage

Of the three mage specializations, the Lightning Mage focuses on fairly high direct damage output and Area of Effect (AoE) spells, two of which have the ability to knock enemies back in PvE. All mages receive three (as of the end of Closed Beta 4) Area of Effect spells: Thunderclap, the basic Wind spell; Rage of Demons, a higher-level Fire spell; and Frost Realm, which is a Point-Blank Area of Effect (PBAoE) that freezes enemies in place. Lightning mages also get Thunder Penetration, which has a chance to cause knockback, interrupt spellcasting, and affects enemies in a line rather than in a circle focused around a single enemy or the caster. Your Thunderclap will also apply Paralysis, which is a stacking debuff to an enemy's Evasion; though the base chance to apply Thunderclap (40%) is usually enough to maintain a full stack in a long battle, you can get guaranteed or almost-guaranteed uptime with 3/4 or 4/4 ranks in the Thunder Paralyze talent.

By using your Thunderclap and Ice Arrow spells in carefully timed combination, you can almost always keep a monster from closing to melee range with you (unless they gain temporary immunity to the freeze effect of Ice Arrow). In this way, it's possible to play a Lightning Mage defensively at least some of the time, favoring kiting tactics and controlling enemy movement while you and your pet take out chunks of HP. It's also very common to play the Lightning Mage as a straight, offensive direct damage dealer, with powerful AoE spells and strong critical hits. Whichever route you prefer, and no matter which talent specialization you decide upon, you should consider your entire array of mage spells as part of one big toolkit. Even though you might not have spent talents to improve them, your Fire and Ice spells are still very important depending on the situation.

Though effective if not very mana-efficient from level 10, Lightning Mages come into their own in the late-30s once the High Voltage talent becomes available. Once you have 2 ranks in this talent, you gain a buff called Thunder Tempest whenever you cast a Lightning spell. Once Thunder Tempest reaches 8 stacks, the cooldown of your Lightning spells is greatly reduced and your critical hit rate is improved. Putting ranks in Thunder Rolling will increase the critical hit rate of your Thunderclap even further. This does, however, mean your output will flux between being very high when Thunder Tempest is active and being lower when it's not. In almost any game, the very nature of critical-hit-dependent builds makes them more suitable for short bursts of spike damage rather than long periods of sustained damage.

2.1 - Tips and Tricks

1. Remember to always have a good supply of both health and mana potions, along with food and drink, whenever you leave town. It is very important, especially in dungeons, to have mana potions and drinks with you at all times. Healing potions can also take some of the stress away from your healer.

2. Be cautious when using Area of Effect (AoE) spells. In dungeons, especially the low-level ones, you can very easily pull aggro from multiple mobs off your tank with a misplaced or badly-timed Thunderclap. If you're not confident in your judgement, your tank, or your healer, save Thunderclap for bosses. Even with a majority of Thunder talents, your Fireball is still serviceable and very mana-efficient for non-boss creatures ("trash") in dungeons.

3. Use your spells to position mobs in an advantageous way. With careful timing and a bit of luck, you can cycle Thunderclap and Ice Arrow to keep a mob from closing to melee range. In the same way, a well-timed Thunderclap + Ice Arrow can help in a dungeon by knocking a monster away from your healer and freezing it in place so your tank can come pick up aggro again. This tactic only works in PvE, because knockbacks don't work in PvP.

4. Your pet will almost never pull aggro from you if you're using spells, but make sure to have some pet HP potions for dungeons and use the self-protection pet feature. Your pets give you bonuses to resistances and do some damage alongside you, but healers prioritize players over pets in instances (with good reason). Don't let boss AoE kill your pet!

2.2 - Frequently Asked Questions
Q: Which Mage spec/talent build is best [for me]?
A: The answer to this question, and every other question like it, is the same: it depends. It depends on how the developers are feeling with each patch cycle, it depends on how good your Internet connection is, it depends on how well you understand the spec, and it depends on well you've equipped your character - among other things. I understand the desire to not make a mistake when creating your first character (or first Mage) or perhaps to pick the most overpowered class and talent build in the game. However, both of these things aren't permanent. Classes get rebalanced, talents and spells get tweaked, and the class that everyone was playing one patch gets abandoned by the majority of them when the nerfbat comes around. As for making mistakes, it happens when you first start playing a game. Think of your first character (or first few characters) as a guinea pig, a learning experience. Ultimately, you should do two things when deciding which class and spec to play: first, you should experiment and explore on your own; second, you should decide based on what you think will be most fun to play (or better, what you have discovered for yourself is the most fun).

Q: Should my Mage be a Kindred or a Human?
A: This is explored in the Races section in this guide, as well as in other threads in the Mage Discussion forum. The short version is that it doesn't matter so much for PvE, though PvPers will have to decide which racial ability is more valuable and whether getting cooldown reduction (Kindred) or damage boosting (Human) talents first is more important. Humans take the slight advantage in boosting Thunderclap damage as soon as level 23 (+45% base damage compared to +30% for Kindred) but Kindred also apply the boost to Thunder Penetration once they get Might of Thunder at level 65. Kindred reduce the cooldown of their Thunderclap by 2 seconds in their first tier of talents, but Humans reduce the cooldown of both Thunderclap and Thunder Penetration by 2 seconds in the tenth tier. The "when" of getting these talents can matter for the early- and mid-levels in both PvP and PvE, but they appear to reach a balancing point in the mid-60s.

Q: Is <race> or <spec> good in PvP?
A: In the case of PvP, it really depends on you and your style. Though I myself do not PvP frequently, I know enough to say that you can give any hundred random people the most overpowered spec and gear, tell them to go forth and peekay, and you'll get wildly different results from each person out of the hundred. Even strange or unorthodox builds can prove effective in the right hands (and not necessarily because of some loophole the developers overlooked in balancing), just as good equipment and a build that is generally considered good do not mean that you will be successful.

Q: How much benefit do I gain from Mastery?
A: This answer comes from Borsuc/Borsook, who did the testing in CB and came up with an answer that is commonly used on these discussion forums. Each point (1) of Mastery grants a 0.1% increase to damage of that type; however, it may also be thought of as every ten (10) points of Mastery granting a 1% increase to damage, if that is easier for you to calculate mentally.

3.1 - Introduction

In Forsaken World, the Mage class is available to both Humans and Kindred. I hesitate to say that both races have penalties when compared to each other, because neither one has a Blessing or racial skill that subtracts from a stat or mastery; however, both do have strong points to be considered. In addition, the two races have different talents available in each tree that can slightly alter the way you play. For PvE, you should do just fine with a Mage of whichever race you like most. For PvP, the difference in abilities might cause you to make the decision more carefully.
Credit goes to kazekazegaara88 for his translation (via Google Translate) of the race-specific talents. The original thread may be found here:

3.2 - Humans

The first effect of the Human racial ability (Pray) is useful for PvP players, since it dispels stun, ensnare, silence, sleep and disarm effects and provides immunity to them for 4 seconds. The second is useful for all Human classes and players: you instantly regain 25% of your max mana. The skill has a 300 second (5 minute) cooldown, but is useful in PvE because it can serve as a hefty emergency mana potion in dungeons or other panic situations.
The Blessing of Humans skill grants a 1% bonus to your max HP, which is useful for everyone but is worth more to classes with already high HP pools because of the nature of percentage-based buffs. The second effect of the Blessing is an across-the-board +5 increase to all your Masteries. This is nice for Lightning Mages even if it seems like a small amount, because it affects all your other Mage spells and you will probably find yourself using the less mana-intensive Fireball or the root effect of Ice Arrow while you play.

3.2.1 - Human Lightning Mage Talents
Tier I
Lightning Fury: Increases the base damage bonus of your Thunderclap spell by 15/30/45%. This stacks additively (added rather than multiplied) with the base damage of Thunderclap, increasing it to 90/105/120%. For curiosity's sake, Thunderclap would do (75*1.15)= 86.25, (75*1.3)= 97.5, (75*1.45)= 108.75% damage if the talent bonus were multiplied into base damage.

Tier X
Blessing of Thunder: Reduces the cooldown of your Thunderclap and Thunder Penetration spells by 1/2 seconds.

3.3 - Kindred

Kindred begin the game with the First Encounter ability, which is a 30-second self buff that steals 2% health with each attack from an enemy you are fighting. I'm actually unsure if the ability steals health as described (which would imply that it additionally deals the amount of damage healed) or simply heals the character (which means the enemy is unaffected). In either case, this ability is replaced during a quest that is about midway through the Kindred starting zone.
Kindred leave Dusk Town with Embrace of the Vampire, an ability that steals health (up to 15% of your character's max HP) from a single enemy and also silences that enemy for 4 seconds. It has a 300 second (5 minute) cooldown. For whatever reason, the animation involves a giant black hand thing that reaches up and grasps down towards the enemy you used it against.
The Blessing of the Kindred grants a 1% bonus to your max HP, just like the Blessing of their Human cousins. The more interesting bonus comes from the second effect, which grants them a +15 bonus to Fire and Darkness masteries. Though this gives Kindred Fire Mages a slight edge over Humans, even Lightning Mages will find this useful because Fireball and Rage of Demons have their place in any Mage's toolkit.

3.3.1 - Kindred Lightning Mage Talents
Tier I
Lightning Shadow: Reduces the cooldown of Thunderclap by 1/2 seconds. (The cooldown of Thunderclap is reduced from 5 seconds to 4/3 seconds.)

Tier X
Might of Thunder: Increases damage bonus of Thunderclap and Thunder Penetration by 10/20/30%.

4.1 - An Overview

For those of you new to Forsaken World or who come from games without a similar system, talents are one of the primary ways to distinguish your character from another player's. Every class in Forsaken World has three distinct talent trees, each one with a certain theme and focus. For the Mage, these trees focus on the three different elemental spells that you can learn: Fire, Ice, or Lightning. Even two Mages of the same level, with the same equipment, and who have focused on the same talent tree might have ended up with different talent builds. Though it's generally best to focus on one particular tree while you level, there are some beneficial talents in the other two trees that are worth considering.

Talents are gained at a rate of 1 per level, starting at level 20 and continuing until the level cap. Once you reach level 20, you can open the Talents screen by pressing N (the default hotkey) or by opening your general skills menu (K, by default) and clicking the "Talents" tab. Each Talent will improve your character in some way, whether by improving a particular skill (or skills) or giving you completely new ones. Many talents have more than one rank, which means you get greater benefit by putting more points into a talent. However you only get a limited amount of talent points, and you need a Talent Compass in order to reset your talents. Therefore, you should choose wisely and plan ahead.

Though often called a "tree," the talent layout doesn't really resemble a tree unless the tree were upside-down. You begin at the very top of the talent tree and work your way down towards the bottom. Within each talent tree, there are several "tiers" of talents. In order to advance from one tier to the next, you need to have spent (5 * current Tier level) worth of talents in the same talent tree to advance to the next one. For example, to advance to the third tier of Lightning talents, you need to have spent 10 points in the Lightning tree. Spending a combination of 10 points in Lightning, Fire, and/or Ice will not qualify you for the next tier. It doesn't matter where you spend the points within the tree - for example, you could max all of the Tier I talents and only have a few points in the Tier II talents and still be able to keep moving down. In some cases, this is necessary to pick up valuable talents in earlier tiers especially if the ones in your current Tier are not useful to your desired build.

Though it is currently not functioning properly and is out-of-date, the official Forsaken World webpage has a talent calculator that can be used to experiment. You can reach it by going to this link: Also, without an accurate official talent calculator, it may be helpful to post all of the talents in the Lightning tree in this guide.

4.2 - Lightning Talents
This section will be arranged in the following format:
Talent Name - Total number of ranks
Effect: I like to clarify the wording where possible. I also arrange the changing values of each talent in order of their effect at each rank. For example, if Fake Talent EX improves your autoattack damage by 1% at rank 1, 2% at rank 2, and 3% at rank 3, I will write it like this: Improves autoattack damage by 1/2/3%.
Prerequisite: If applicable, I will list how many ranks are needed in other talents before you can take ranks in an advanced one.
Notes: I leave this section open to contributor opinions, though I sometimes make notes of my own. I can't really advise you to take any particular talent, because every player has his or her own goals for each character. PvE and PvP builds especially tend to be very different from each other, with each style of play favoring different talents for different situations. There are no ratings or stars to be found here.

DISCLAIMER: Talent information is subject to change with each patch.


Tier I:
Thunder Paralyze - 4 ranks
Effect: Increases Thunderclap's chance to paralyze an enemy by 15/30/45/60% and reduces its mana cost by 5/10/15/20%.
Note: Increases the chance to apply the Paralysis debuff to 55/70/85/100%. The knockback chance and the chance to apply Paralysis are linked, so having 4/4 ranks in Thunder Paralysis means that you have a 100% chance to knock back enemies with Thunderclap.

Magic Fountain - 3 ranks
Effect: Increases the max mana gained from Art of Magic by 1.5/3.0/4.5%

Lightning Fury (Human) - 3 ranks
Effect: Increases the base damage of Thunderclap by 15/30/45%.
Note: This increases the damage of Thunderclap to 90/105/120% of base attack + n Wind damage from the spell's level.

Lightning Shadow (Kindred) - 2 ranks
Effect: Decreases the cooldown of your Thunderclap spell by 1/2 seconds.
Note: This sets the cooldown of your Thunderclap to 4/3 seconds.

Tier II - Requires 5 points in other Lightning Talents:
Shock Expansion - 4 ranks
Effect: Increases the range* of Thunderclap by 30/60/90/120% and increases the number of targets struck by 2/4/6/8.
Prerequisites: Requires 1 rank in Thunder Paralyze.
Tooltip Error*: Though the talent says that it increases Thunderclap's range, this may be a translation error. Google Translate indicates that the kanji 范围 [fan wei] may be translated 22 ways, including "range" or "radius". Currently, it increases the radius (the size of circle around the initial target) of Thunderclap to 3.9/4.8/5.7/6.6 meters. At the moment, 2/4 Shock Expansion displays Thunderclap's radius as 4 meters, even though it technically is 4.8. However, I don't know if the game takes the decimal into account even though it is not being displayed on the spell's tooltip.
If it were working as the talent states, the range of Thunderclap would increase to 23.4/28.8/34.2/39.6 meters. This would be a problem in PvP with Lightning mages hitting with Thunderclap from almost 40 meters.

Evil Protection EX - 2 ranks
Effect: Increases the duration of Sinister Protection by 5/10 seconds.

Sinister Wind - 3 ranks
Effect: Increases the passive Wind Mastery bonus granted by Sinister Knowledge by 50/100/150%.
Note: Increases the Wind Mastery bonus for Sinister Knowledge (Rank 1) to 12/16/20. The bonus increases with higher ranks of Sinister Knowledge.

Tier III - Requires 10 points in other Lightning Talents:
Rolling Thunder - 4 ranks
Effect: Increases the critical hit chance of Thunderclap by 1.5/3.0/4.5/6.0%.
Prequisite: Requires 2 ranks in Shock Expansion.

Thunder Penetration - 4 ranks
Effect: Attacks targets in a straight line reaching 21 meters in front of the caster, dealing 100% base damage plus 1339/2362/3366/4351 Wind damage. Thunder Penetration strikes up to 16/17/18/19 targets, and enemies who are casting when struck by this spell have a 25% chance to have that spell interrupted.
Note: Each rank of this talent has a level requirement that you must meet before taking the next rank. For example, though you can take the first rank of Thunder Penetration at Lv30, you need to be Lv45 before you can learn the second.

Energy of Protection - 3 ranks
Effect: Sinister Protection provides an additional magic shield that prevents incoming damage from dealing more than 30/20/10% of your max HP as damage. The shield dissapates after absorbing 3 attacks.
Prerequisite: Requires 1 rank in Sinister Protection EX.

Tier IV - Requires 15 points in other Lightning Talents:
Shock Hit EX - 4 ranks
Prerequisite: Requires 1 rank in Thunder Penetration.
Effect: Your Thunder Penetration has a 25/50/75/100% chance to apply the Paralysis debuff and knock back all targets within range.

High Voltage - 2 ranks
Effect: Offensive Wind spells you cast have a 50/100% chance to generate a High Voltage charge. Once 8 charges have been generated, the caster receives the Thunder Tempest buff. Thunder Tempest increases the critical hit rate of Wind spells and shortens their cooldown dramatically. Thunder Tempest lasts 10 seconds.
Note: One of the defining talents of the Lightning tree.

Wind Mastery - 4 ranks
Effect: Your Wind Mastery is increased by 10/20/30/40.

Tier V - Requires 20 points in other Lightning Talents:
Transform EX - 3 ranks
Effect: Increases the duration of your Transform spell by 3/6/9 seconds.

Swift Wind Drive - 2 ranks
Effect: Improves the speed bonus granted by your Wind Drive spell by 20/40%.

Thunder Focusing - 6 ranks
Prerequisite: Requires 3 ranks in Wind Mastery.
Effect: Increases the Attack of all offensive Lightning spells by 0.5/1.0/1.5/2.0/2.5/3.0% of the caster's maximum MP.

Tier VI - Requires 25 points in other Lightning Talents:
Advanced Paralyze - 2 ranks
Effect: Paralyze reduces the target's Wind Resistance by 10/20 and increases its duration by 3/6 seconds.

Sustained Energy - 4 ranks
Prerequisite: Requires 1 rank in High Voltage.
Effect: Increases the duration of your Thunder Tempest by 1/2/3/4 seconds. Each High Voltage charge increases the Mage's speed by 5%.

Tier VII - Requires 30 points in other Lightning Talents:
Meditation of Wind - 3 ranks
Effect: Increases the Wind Mastery bonus granted by your Magic Meditation spell by 15/30/45.

Thunder Barrier - 3 ranks
Effect: Increase your Wind Resistance by 20/40/60.

[SIZE="3"]Tier VIII - Requires 35 points in other Lightning Talents[/SIZE]:
Sinister Force - 2 ranks
Effect: At the cost of 50% of your current MP, you strike up to 20 enemies within 15/18 meters, making them lose 25% of their max MP and debuffing the caster with Exhaustion Aura for 20 seconds. The Exhaustion Aura drains the caster's current MP by 3% every second, but surrounding enemies also lose 3% of their current MP as well. The Aura dissipates if your MP drops below 10% of its maximum.

Dark Contract - 3 ranks
Prerequisite: Requires 1 rank in Sinister Force.
Effect: Increases Sinister Force's mana burning effect by 20/40/60%.

Tier IX - Requires 40 points in other Lightning Talents:
Sinister Constriction - 4 ranks
Prerequisite: Requires 3 ranks in Dark Contract.
Effect: When the target's MP is below 20%, the target takes damage equal to 5/10/15/20% of its max MP and is silenced for 3 seconds.

Icebreak - 2 ranks
Effect: When you strike a Frozen target with one of your offensive Wind spells, you apply the Broken Ice effect for 15 seconds. A target afflicted by Broken Ice takes 5/10% more damage whenever it is attacked.

Tier X - Requires 45 points in other Lightning Talents:
Windblast - 3 ranks
Effect: Offensive Wind spells have a 5/10/15% chance to interrupt the target's casting.
Tooltip Error: Currently in the game, the first rank of this talent (and possibly the second and third, as well) displays its percentage chance as "d%". The values shown here are taken from the official talent calculator and may no longer be accurate.

Blessing of Thunder (Human) - 2 ranks.
Effect: Reduces the cooldown of your Thunderclap and Thunder Penetration by 1/2 seconds.

Might of Thunder (Kindred) - 3 ranks
Effect: Increases the damage bonus of Thunderclap and Thunder Penetration by 10/20/30%.

Dispelling Wind - 3 ranks
Effect: Your Magic Purge spell has a 40/70/100% chance to remove a buff from its target.


5.1 - Alchemical Products
Mana Elixirs: Mana potions of every kind are valuable to a mage, but elixirs are usually easier to craft than other varieties of mana potion because they require fewer herbs and provide only slightly less mana restored. Elixirs restore mana in small chunks over about 6 seconds, rather than all at once like Potions.

<Element> Mastery Potions: Technically available from level 20 and requiring LV2 Botany (if you harvest your own flowers) and LV2 Alchemy, this potion recipe is sold by Molina, the Remedy Vendor, in Towerpush Town (Sea of Oblivion). It comes in every available elemental mastery type, from Physical to Darkness, and provides a +15 Mastery buff to that element for 5 minutes with a 3 minute cooldown. The Wind Mastery version is a very useful damage buff for your Lightning Spells when you fight a dungeon boss or overworld elite monster, increasing your Wind damage by 1.5%. I say that it is "technically" available from level 20 because, even though the potion has a lower level requirement to drink, the Hyacinth that the recipe calls for only grows in higher-level areas of the Sea of Oblivion and you will probably be closer to level 30 before you can safely or easily harvest very much of it.

5.2 - Equipment

Weapons and armor may randomly have one or two bonus attributes, indicated by specific prefixes to the item's name. For example, a Wise Elemental Staff has the base stats of an Elemental Staff but also gives a bonus to max MP, indicated by the prefix "Wise."

Item Prefixes:
Breeze: Gives a bonus to Wind Mastery.
Deadly: Gives a bonus to Critical hit chance.
Mighty: Gives a bonus to Attack.
Precise: Gives a bonus to Accuracy.
Rending: Gives a bonus to Wind attack.
Stout: Gives a bonus to max HP.
Warded: Gives a bonus to defense.
Wise: Gives a bonus to max MP.

5.2.1 - Item Sets
Though there are many more item sets available for Mages, this sub-section focuses on the ones that are useful for the Lightning mage in particular.

"Wrath of Banished Deity" - Level 20 Mage set, dropped by bosses in the Emperor's Canyon dungeon.
Set (2): Wind Mastery +14
Set (3): Attack +107

Pieces: Chest - God's Agent Robe, Leggings - God's Agent Skirt, Staff - Hand of Banished Deity.

"Magic Crystal" - Level 30 Mage set, purchased with Sapphire Shards.
Set (2): Wind Mastery +11
Set (3): Defense +34
Set (4): Health +343
Set (5): Attack +95
Set (6): Evasion +5
Set (7): Critical damage +10.0%

Pieces: Helm - Magic Crystal Hat, Chest - Magic Crystal Robe, Shoulders - Magic Crystal Pauldron, Hands - Magic Crystal Wristband, Belt - Magic Crystal Belt, Leggings - Magic Crystal Pants, Boots - Magic Crystal Boots.

Thanks go to:
You, for reading this guide (even if you only intend to flame me!)
kazekazegaara88, for his translation work, and also to all the closed beta mages who participated in the discussion in his guide.
Borsook, for his testing during closed beta, especially for discovering the benefit per point of Mastery.

***all credit goes to Kolgrimm***

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Kolgrimm's Lightning mage guide
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