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 Deathbunny's basic bard guide

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PostSubject: Deathbunny's basic bard guide   Wed Sep 14, 2011 8:29 pm

Hello, and welcome to my basic Bard guide. Here I'll help introduce this unique class and give an overview of the class.

DISCLAIMER: I do not claim to be an expert in this class and this guide is to simply inform new (and possibly old) players of the class and how it works. Feel free to critique or add anything I've missed.


Level 40 Bard in Lunagrant Woodland

The Bard is one of the party's greatest assets. What they lack in power they make up with their mysterious tunes. An average group may become a great one with the help of a Bard. They are able to buff their party members, debuff the enemy, and heal their fallen allies in battle.

Only the Elf is able to become a Bard. Their race specialty skills are: Blessings of the Elves and Natural Extraction.

S C O R E S H E E T . S Y S T E M
Bards utilize a unique Scoresheet system which allows them to cast buffs according to the chords played. There are three chords available to the Bard; C from Chord of Wind, D from Chord of Water, and E from Chord of Light.

In order for a Bard to buff themselves or their allies they are required to be in combat and be in the same party (unless you choose a particular talent that allows you to cast them otherwise).

A: Chords being played
B: Active buffs with duration; mouse over notes for buff description

[URL=""]Bard Skill List[/URL]
For a list of Bard skills please refer to the link above.

T A L E N T . T R E E S
The talent tree helps players improve the effects of their current skill and/or add other effects. You are able to start allocating points at level 20 with one point per level after that.

You can reset your talent points via Talent Compass you get from your level 20 box which lasts for 30 days. Or you can get another by gaining 60 achievement points. Of course there is a possibility that it will also be available in the cash shop.

There are three possible talent builds you can invest points in to customize your Bard.

Part of the Bard's talent tree. Please ignore the stat points invested in it. ^^;

Focuses on supporting their team members by adding resistance and speed buffs as well as removing negative buffs.
Aids in supporting their party by directly attacking enemies as well as casting status ailments such as freeze and slow.
Supports their team by healing.

I will not get into detail about each build here as this is only to provide a basic overview of the class. Maybe later I will make my own personal build guide but that is for another time.

Bards are not the biggest damage dealers in-game but they certainly do not lack power. You are able to increase your damage via various buffs and depending on how you place your talent points, be able to slow your enemy down to a point where they are at a stand still while you throw your magic.

But because they are required to be in combat to be able to buff you will soon learn that you are constantly in need of MP. When you start twisting (activating several buffs at a time) your MP plummets even further.

Allowing my pet to tank for me while I stay safe at a distance.

Solo play is possible and not slow but you will want a good tank/damage pet. Damage may not be an issue but defense certainly is. You will either want to send a pet out before you attack or learn to kite. Though personally I find kiting to be a bother as our range is a bit odd; we're not melee but we're not "long" range either. You look to be far enough but the enemy is still able to damage you.

This part all depends on your own personal play style so get out there and get to know your Bard. Though a pet is still highly recommended!

You are the life of the party. Not because you play music but your buffs certainly help the party get things done fast. Something important to note is that at level 30 you will be flagged as a healer. So before you start registering for instances be sure to buy your AoE heal, Sonata of Life. Whether you are a Water Bard or a Wind Bard, get this skill and use it.

When in instances determine whether the boss casts an AoE or not. If it does, also look for the timing. If you know that the Priest or a Vampire is capable of healing the tank then save your healing for when the boss casts the AoE. I generally look at the party and if 3 or more (depends on situation of course) members are damaged I will cast my AoE. Otherwise I will allow the Priest or Vampire to heal. This lessens the MP cost with spamming the heal unnecessarily. You will be able to save your healing for when it matters and concentrate on keeping your buffs alive.

There are many professions you can choose from in the game. Some are automatic while others you will have to pick and choose from. At the very beginning you will be given Botany, Alchemy, and Cooking. These are very important. While you can buy potions or foods from NPCs they are not even half as good as the ones you are able to make.

Be sure to keep a good stock of MP potions (as well as foods) before entering instances and/or fighting bosses. As I've mentioned before you will be using up a LOT of it. You will also want to keep a moderate stock of HP potions for emergencies. The AoE heal will attract a lot of aggro and sometimes you'll be looking at a wave of minions heading your way.

As for the rest of the professions, pick what you think will suit you. If you are playing with friends or with a guild you can decide on who does what to compliment each other as there are limited number of job points available.

Farming some Violet Roses inbetween mobs.

Hopefully you were able to learn a few things about this class. I personally enjoy this class if not for its unique gameplay, their awesome armour and hats. Especially their hats.

***all credit goes to deathbunny***
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Deathbunny's basic bard guide
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